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Safe Operation of Cold Header Equipment

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The cold heading process is a technological method that uses the deformation of metal under the action of external force and makes the volume of metal be reshaped into required parts or blanks by means of dies. It is mainly used for manufacturing bolts, nuts, nails, rivets, steel balls and other parts. The forging stock materials can be copper, aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy.  Cold heading machine equipment, workpiece raw materials and cold heading forming oil are the three factors that affect fastener technology. Reasonable use can improve process precision and manufacturing efficiency. The following YMP briefly introduces the safe operation items of the lower cold header:
First, the cold header equipment selection requirements
(1) The crankshaft, machine body and impact connecting rod are cast with high wear-resistant alloy, with high tensile strength and high wear resistance.
(2) Equipped with variable frequency speed regulating device, the gear has high efficiency and large torque.
(3) The cutting force of the cutter bar is transmitted linearly with good dynamic balance.
(4) The multi-station cold header uses open and closed clamps to transfer the workpiece, which is beneficial to the forming process arrangement.
(5) equipped with fault detector and safety protection device, equipment failure automatically stop, give equipment and mold maximum protection.
(6) The lubricating oil circuit is simple and can effectively protect the punching rod and workpiece on the basis of ensuring circulation filtration.
Second, the cold header equipment operation method
(1) Install the proximity switch on the equipment and connect all components according to the electrical schematic diagram.
(2) Press the two reset switches on the counter operation panel to reset the preset number and the processed number respectively.
(3) In manual and automatic modes, when the speed regulating potentiometer is rotated, the manufacturing speed of the parts will be changed accordingly, and the speed in different periods will be displayed on the digital display.
(4) Press the emergency stop button on the control cabinet panel to stop the operation of the equipment, and pull off the data on the total power counter to keep unchanged. After the restart of power transmission, the parts will stop until the preset number is reached.
(5) After turning the key switch, the key operation on the counter panel is invalid.
Three, cold header equipment safety matters
(1) All faults shall be eliminated before starting the machine, and all fasteners of the equipment shall be checked for locking and safety protection devices shall be in good condition to prevent loosening due to severe vibration and causing accidents.
(2) The equipment shall stand in a safe position during operation. It is strictly prohibited to pick up the workpiece at the mold.
(3) In case of failure, stop the vehicle immediately, find out the cause and eliminate hidden dangers. It is forbidden to drive when the brake fails.
These are the precautions for safe use of cold header equipment. Reasonable use of cold header equipment can not only improve efficiency, but also effectively avoid accidents.
In production, safety should be the first priority. We should pay attention to the correct operation in the production process to ensure our personal safety.
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