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How to Solve the Problem of Deformation in Cutting Process of Aluminum Alloy Workpiece

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Aluminum alloy is the most widely used metal material in industry and is widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing and ships. However, due to the large thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy, especially parts are easily deformed during cutting.  The reason is that the parts have poor rigidity and weak strength, which is not easy to ensure the quality of the parts. This difficult problem restricts the further improvement of aluminum alloy cutting technology. How to solve the problem that aluminum alloy is easy to deform in cutting has attracted wide attention. The following Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd briefly introduces the causes and solutions of the problem:
I. Reasons for Deformation of Aluminum Alloy Workpieces
There are many reasons for deformation of aluminum alloy parts in cutting process, which are related to material, shape of parts, mechanical equipment, performance of cutting oil, etc. But it is mainly affected by force, cutting heat and machine tool precision.
(1) stress deformation
The workpiece is easy to deform under the action of force, thus affecting the dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy of the workpiece.
(2) thermal deformation
Cutting heat will cause thermal deformation of the workpiece, making the size of the workpiece difficult to master.
(3) vibration deformation
Workpieces made of light materials are easily vibrated under the action of cutting forces of machine tools, which affects the dimensional accuracy, shape and surface roughness of the workpieces.
Second, aluminum alloy numerical control milling process improvement
(1) reduce the stress and deformation of the blank
If the surplus parts of the blank are milled in advance to reduce the allowance of each part, not only can the deformation of the subsequent processes be reduced, but also some stress can be released after being left for a period of time.
(2) to improve the cutting ability of cutting tools
The material and geometric parameters of the cutting tool have an important influence on cutting force and cutting heat. Proper selection of the cutting tool is crucial to reduce the deformation of parts.
(3) Selection of geometric parameters of cutting tools
Under the condition of maintaining the strength of the cutting edge, the cutting deformation can be reduced by appropriately selecting a larger rake angle. The size of the rake angle has a direct impact on the wear of the flank and the surface quality.
(4) improving the composition characteristics of cutting tools
Due to the large cutting deformation of aluminum alloy materials and the need for a large chip holding space, it is better to have a larger bottom radius of the chip holding groove and fewer teeth of the milling cutter.
(5) improving the clamping method of workpieces
Clamping method can be used to reduce deformation for aluminum alloy workpieces with poor rigidity. Bushing parts should use end face compression method with good rigidity to avoid clamping deformation and obtain accurate precision when cutting excircle.
These are the reasons and solutions for the easy deformation of the aluminum alloy cutting process. Improving the process continuously through the actual situation is the key to improving the precision of the workpiece.
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