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Difficulties in milling cast iron and aluminum alloy gearboxes

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With the development of industrial civilization year by year, the popularity and use of cars have become more and more daily. Gearbox, as an important standard automotive component, is becoming more and more familiar to people. Today I will give you an overview of the difficulties in milling automotive transmissions.

Gearbox, also known as transmission. This is a workpiece used to change the engine speed & torque. It can not only change the transmission ratio of the output shaft and input shaft fixedly, but also shift the transmission ratio according to the actual situation.


The gearbox housing is mainly used to support each transmission shaft to ensure the center distance and parallelism between the shafts as much as possible, and to ensure the correct installation of the gearbox housing components and other components linked to them. At the same time, the processing quality of the gearbox housing will directly affect the assembly accuracy and movement accuracy of the entire gearbox, and will have a significant impact on the operating accuracy and service life of the entire vehicle. Therefore, the industry has higher requirements for its processing quality.

1. The material of the gearbox housing: in the early days, it was mainly gray cast iron. The gray cast iron gearbox housing is easier to form, has good shock absorption and has lower cost. With the development of society, car owners' requirements for driving comfort have gradually increased. Coupled with the maturity of lightweight technology, the gearbox housing on cars has been replaced by aluminum alloy. Therefore, the current gearbox housings are mainly made of gray cast iron and aluminum alloy.

2. Difficulties that need to be solved in gearbox housing processing:

1-A gearbox requires a lot of processing, and machine tools and cutting tools need to be frequently replaced to ensure that customer needs are met to the greatest extent;

2-Since the gearbox plays a very important role in the safety and service life of the vehicle, its processing accuracy requirements are relatively high. In this case, it is difficult to ensure the processing quality of the workpiece using ordinary machine tools; at the same time, due to the long process flow and excessive turnover times, it is difficult to improve production efficiency.

3-The shape is complex. Due to its product characteristics, most of them are thin-walled shells. The workpiece has low stiffness and is difficult to clamp.

Based on the above situation, Shenzhen YI XIN Precision Metal & Plastic Ltd. will consider the following issues when solving the above problems:

A-Machine tool problem: Using high-quality five-axis linkage machining machine tools can achieve precision machining of complex-shaped metal hard materials by drilling, milling and grinding, and at the same time meet the large cutting volume processing requirements of parts;

B-Workpiece: Yixin can customize and process a variety of materials such as titanium, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, steel, etc.

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