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Why does CNC machining of metal workpieces require sandblasting?

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Why does CNC machining of metal workpieces require sandblasting?


To understand the question in the title "Why does CNC machining of metal workpieces require sandblasting process?" you need to first understand what sandblasting is.

Sandblasting is a common workpiece surface treatment process. Compressed air (that is, air compressed by external force) is used as power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray copper ore, quartz sand, emery, iron sand and sea sand spray materials at high speed onto the surface of the target workpiece to be processed, promoting the surface treatment of the workpiece. A change in appearance or shape. Since abrasives (sharp hard materials used to grind the material surface to a relatively soft state) impact and cut the target workpiece surface, the workpiece surface will obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness. This process will Improve the mechanical properties of the target workpiece surface to a great extent, thereby improving the fatigue resistance of the entire workpiece, causing the coating to better adhere to the workpiece surface and extending the durability of the coating. The workpiece finally displayed in front of the customer will be more beautiful and ornamental.



The sandblasting process plays many roles in the customized CNC machining, such as:

1-Workpiece plating and workpiece bonding pre-processing;

2-Clean & polish the matte surface of castings (surfaces that do not require processing) or heat-treated workpieces;

3-Clean the burrs on the workpiece surface and create smaller fillets at the junction of the workpiece surfaces.

4- Maximize the mechanical properties of the parts: After sandblasting, the surface of the parts will have uniform and fine uneven surfaces, and the lubricating oil will be better stored, thereby improving the lubrication conditions to a certain extent;

5-Light decoration effect: Sandblasting can make the workpiece have a better reflective or matte effect. This function is mainly reflected on metal workpieces.


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